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The Valley Hospital
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The Valley Hospital of Ridgewood, N.J., is a not-for-profit, 451-bed hospital. Valley has been recognized nine consecutive times for service excellence under the J.D. Power and Associates Distinguished Hospital ProgramSM.
Valley’s website,, has been hosted and supported by Bluespire for more than 10 years. In 2011, Valley approached the Bluespire team to help with marketing a new technology, the Gamma Knife. Gamma Knife technology provides nonsurgical treatment for brain and neurological conditions. Valley purchased the technology because it would allow them the opportunity to underscore the technology and innovation in both their cancer center and their neuroscience center of excellence.

Bluespire worked with Valley to integrate a messaging strategy with the following objectives:

  • Gain Mindshare. Valley’s marketing team faced the challenge of a main competitor acquiring the technology in the near future.
  • Drive Volume. Given the investment, Valley needed to ensure the new piece of technology would be used by patients and the center would receive referrals.
The Bluespire team produced a collateral fact sheet, a custom microsite (, a physician-facing e-mail program and a video, as well as a series of print and Web ads. The teams at Valley and Bluespire felt a microsite was necessary to allow Valley to differentiate the service. It allowed the teams to promote the healing environment with a different look and feel since the service was offered through The Robert and Audrey Luckow Pavilion, a three-story, 128,000-square-foot satellite facility of The Valley Hospital. The microsite also helped address the complexity of the technology with a short video presentation.

Strong messaging strategies were integrated to meet objectives.

  • Gain Mindshare.
    • Valley’s Ken Parker, director of marketing and communications, introduced the phrase, “First in the region. First for you.” The first ads produced by Bluespire focused on that tagline as part of the objective to gain mindshare.
    • Valley also worked with Bluespire to identify keywords. Today, the SEO strategy is being expanded to ensure that prospective patients looking for Gamma Knife technology will find Valley before a competitor.
  • Drive Volume
    • Make Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Sound Less Scary.
      One of the first ad copy points was “It’s not a knife at all.” Every effort was made to make the procedure sound less scary. Bluespire worked with the Valley marketing team to ensure the message was loud and clear: while it’s called radiosurgery, there’s no incision, no anesthesia and no overnight hospital stay.
    • Answer the Question: What is Gamma Knife Radiosurgery?
      Valley and Bluespire faced the communications challenge of getting people to understand what it is, how it works and the different conditions it treats. The microsite and video were critical in allowing a more detailed answer to be shared—and will continue to be a resource for patients who are referred.
Early results were promising and the technology’s use continues to grow.

Before the center opened in November 2011, these measurable results were produced by the marketing created by Bluespire.

  • 40 inquiries about the technology
  • 10 consultations scheduled for prospective Gamma Knife patients
  • 8 patients in the queue for Gamma Knife procedures
As of mid-March 2012, 31 patients have been treated at The Gamma Knife Center.


Gamma Knife radiosurgery offers patients many benefits over more conventional forms of treatment for brain cancer and neurological conditions. We wanted to stress not only those benefits, but the experience of our doctors, the easy-to-reach location and the fact that we were first in the region. The team at Bluespire was integral to the process. They produced ads that directly resulted in inquiries. The microsite and video allowed us to answer a lot of questions and create a look and feel that are customized to this special technology. The site continues to evolve and we’re looking forward to helping more patients take advantage of this technology by finding us online.”

-Ken Parker, Director of Marketing and Communications

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