Healthcare Content Marketing

84%, 83% and 82%—those are the digital video recall rates for tablets, smartphones and PCs respectively.* Are you optimizing content across formats and channels for your healthcare organization to take advantage of today’s consumer preferences?

From print to digital, omnichannel to solo channel, content skill remains king. Bluespire's content strategy and development solutions focus on four key areas: create, curate, manage and measure. We provide a strategic model to transform audience engagement by addressing those four key areas across strategy, creation, management, taxonomy, governance and tactical execution. As with all solutions offered by Bluespire, each is supported by the alignment of strategy, technology and content.

Bluespire’s Content strategy & development solutions help you:
  • Drive additional brand awareness, build brand equity and earn loyalty
  • Create a sustainable method for inbound traffic and lead generation
  • Build better patient engagement to drive both volume and improve the value of care across the organization
  • Influence the right audience—from who you’re serving today to who you want to serve in the future
Clients choose BLUESPIRE for:
Reduced Risk
Reduce your risk of investing in publishing and maintaining content that doesn't work or paying for redundant content efforts with dedicated account teams helping you manage the big picture.
  • Access the right content when you need it
  • Stay ahead of competitors by building content ahead of the curve
Ready for Regulatory Compliance

Gain faster compliance approvals based on solid strategies grounded in Bluespire’s deep industry expertise.

Efficient Development and Execution

Develop content strategies and execute more efficiently with Bluespire's award-winning strategy, content, copywriting and design teams at your service.

  • From open enrollment booklets to videos that drive patient engagement, and everything in between
Empowering Your Teams

Bluespire will help you build a content strategy that breaks down silos and builds better buy-in across even the most matrix organization.

You're in good company. Learn more about Bluespire and the clients who've chosen to partner with us.

*eMarketer “Mobile vs. PCs: Where are Video Ads More Annoying? Source: Aol, “5 Reasons Why Mobile Video Works” conducted by Focus Vision, July 20, 2015.


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